Latest WAMU radio segment: Lighting the Garden

Here is our segment from WAMU's Metro Connections show last Friday. (It reran a few times over the weekend as well.)

>>This is a tough time of year for gardeners. With so many of us waking up in the dark to drive to work and then leaving the office after dusk, it sometimes seems as if we won't see the garden again until spring. Kathy Jentz, Publisher of Washington Gardener Magazine brings us some tips on how to light your garden during the winter months.<<

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Nikki Smith said…
Hi there,

I know it's a little off topic, but I wanted to share that a local non-profit was just awarded a bunch of money to fund various tree planting projects in the District next spring. Anyone is free to submit a proposal, but the deadline is quickly approaching!

Hi Nikki -
Thanks for stopping by - we have let our readers know of Casey Trees donation programs and are eager to hear the details on their upcoming fruit tree giveway as well.

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