Gloomy Bloom Day

All my oaks dropped most of their leaves at once this week followed by three days of rain now. That means my entire place is calf-deep in wet leaves. Leaving very few blooms or much of anything to see right now until the rain leaves tonight and we have a few days o dry so I can rake these all up.

What I did manage to get a photo of today for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day was this interesting cosmos. It popped up in September and start blooming in October. Still going strong in November. I love the color variation on it and now am just waiting for it to go to seed so I can collect and save these separately. It might not come back true-to-seed, but it is worth a shot.


Darla said…
Cosmos are great plants.
Sue said…
I love that cosmos. I hope it's offspring has the same coloring for you.

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