Weeding is the new Knitting

My "how to weed" interview aired today on WAMU Metro Connection -- tune in and listen to it on the old-fashioned airwaves when it repeats over this weekend or on your computer here.

We talked about the joys of weeding -- how Zen it is -- and you know, as much of a chore as it can be, once you start a session weeding, it is hard to stop. You get into a rhythm and the world disappears around you. You focus on just that patch in front of you. Blissed out. The trick is the starting part. You have to get in the right frame of mind. First you get out the knee-pad and dandelion tool. Then you stroll around the garden for awhile trying to find a good spot to start. That makes you thirsty so you go inside for a drink. While in there the phone rings and oh yes, these dishes need putting away. Next you remember an urgent email that needs answering. And hey, another pops up while you are still answering that one and then another follows that. The cat bugs you next for her pre-dinner snack. You say to yourself, I'll go back to weeding next, first though that stack of bills needs stamps. Pretty soon another day has passed and no weeds have been pulled, but didn't you get a lot done while avoiding weeding? Welcome to my world, the island of paradox where procrastinating equals being ultra-productive.

We also chatted on the radio a bit about treats for critters in your garden -- the kind you want to feed like Koi and songbirds. I have not broken open my new box of Cheerios yet, but when I do my pond fish are you going to get a few Os. Heck, they can have the whole box, if proven that they like them -- I'm not a big cereal eater really. I'm more a toast or oatmeal kind of gal. I once read about an anorexic whose secret "bad" treat for herself was a slice of buttered toast. Others may mock and go for Sugar Smacks or Lucky Charms, but I'm with her there -- pure heaven.


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