The Smoking Fire Pit

Over on the left coast at Sunset's blog there is a two-part post on fire pits in gardens and their impact on those with asthma:

I have to say those fire pit bowls sold at Target are mighty tempting and I have a big circle of concrete out back so I can easily see plopping one in there. Then I'll be sitting next to it in my Adirondack chairs on a chilly Autumn eve, sipping hot cider, and roasting marshmallows. But for $50-100, I have never felt that big an urge to get one. After the Chimenea craze of a few years ago, these fire bowls just seem like one more fad that will fade fast. They go along with the Beadazzler and Crimping Irons -- seemed cool at the time, but really more bother than they are worth. You use them once or twice and then they just take up valuable real estate. And really, how could I enjoy those marshmallows knowing I might be sending one of my asthmatic neighbors to the hospital.


Lisa Albert said…
Hello from the other coast! Thank you for linking to my blog posts on and helping spread this information.

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