More Staycation Ideas

Here is the online link to this week's The List: Top Gardening Events for the week ahead on page 34 of today's print edition in the Washington Examiner. You can find the Examiner in the many red street-boxes around town. I saved a screen capture of the listing as a JPG and posted it here at left -- you can click on it to read at 100%.

I plan to spend the weekend touring ponds and farms in the local area. I will pretend though that I'm in Tuscany or the south of France, cause this is as close as I'm getting to any of those in the foreseeable future.

My other "staycation" plans are to borrow more DVDs from the DC library. I just found out they have a very liberal three-week loan period for them and a pretty darn good collection of new stuff and old classics. I go to on average of 2-3 movies a week through the DC Film Society and other film preview groups I belong to so there is not much I have not seen. And if I haven't yet, it's probably because I have no desire to do so. Still a few good films always lip through the cracks. Never did get to Disney's Cars nor Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and I'm in the mood now for some lighter, fluffier summer fare now.


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