A Lily By Any Other Name...

Here is the online link to this week's The List: Top Gardening Events for the week ahead on page 23 of today's print edition in the Washington Examiner. You can find the Examiner in the many red street-boxes around town. I saved a screen capture of the listing as a JPG and posted it here at left -- you can click on it to read at 100%.

Please ignore the fact that a Water Lily is shown representing the Lily Show at Brookside this weekend. I sent in tree photos to go with the Tree ID class at Green Spring Gardens, but I guess someone thought they had a better idea. Too bad they picked the wrong kind of flower.


FirePhrase said…
Wait a minute. Isn't that the second time they've used the wrong photo? Are there some sort of secret photo requirements that they aren't telling you? Most of the time if you provide a file, people are more than happy to use it rather than dig up one of their own. You'd think they'd want to ask rather than make a silly mistake.
Yes, at least the 2ndtime - who know - maybe someone in graphics there said to themselves "trees are boring - ooh, I have a great 'lily' photo - let me use that instead." The really bad part is towards mid-late July there are a ton of water lily events which I had photos of lined up - so who knows what they'll use with those.
FirePhrase said…
I hate to say it, but I'm afraid you might get a picture of water. Their grasp of the 'operative word' concept seems a tad tenuous at best.

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