Kenilworth Waterlily Festival

Here is the online link to this week's The List: Top Gardening Events for the week ahead on page 30 of today's print edition in the Washington Examiner. You can find the Examiner in the many red street-boxes around town. I saved a screen capture of the listing as a JPG and posted it here at left -- you can click on it to read at 100%.

We'll have a table signing up new subscribers at this Saturday's Kenilworth Waterlily Festival. The last 2 years I've done it have been hot as Hades, but with a nice dash of DC humidity to make even my straight hair curl. For four hours I can handle it and actually enjoy the cleansing sauna effect. The fun part is watching the tourists and AC-dwellers rough it for their short time visiting out there. The sweating is worth it though to see those 1000s of waterlilies and lotuses in bloom. Nothing like it. I haven't meant anyone who visits and isn't instantly smitten. Best kept secret in the city -- and because it is a national park property, it is absolutely free to attend. Arrive early as the blooms close up in the heat of the afternoon.


FirePhrase said…
What's the walk like to Kenilworth Park from the Metro stop? I've got a friend who will be visiting DC and is looking for atypical tourist stuff to do.

I have done the walk back & forth these last few years - it is pretty easy. But as to the neighborhood, I would not do it at night or be advertising I'm a "tourist." It is a working class section of town - you cross over Kenilworth Ave on a pedestrian bridge then walk through single family houses and some low-rise apartments. Because I've always gone in the height of summer, most people are out at work or inside enjoying the AC -- a few kids are out playing. I have never felt nervous or in danger walking by day there.

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