In The Pink - Again

I totally missed Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day last month so I was determined to do it this time round. Walking around this morning I see I have a great deal of pinks and purples and just a smattering of other colors. I guess you can take the Barbie away from the girl, but the girl still gravitates back to her blond roots.
Here is a partial list from memory:
~ echinacea - regular purple and pink-doubles - no sign of my 'White Swan'
~ common daylilies and doubles - just ending
~ liatris
~ pickerel rush
~ water lilies
~ rose of sharon
~ cosmos
~ roses - mutabilis red and white
~ black-eyed susan
~ rose campion
~ hostas
~ liriope - white bloom stalks, purples are later in the season
~ Brazilian verbena
~ petunias
~ impatiens
~ heucheras
~ various hydrangeas - all coming up shades of pink!
~ creeping verbena - deep purple - yay!
~ lavender
~ seed geraniums
~ hollyhocks
~ buddleia
~ Phlox 'Davidii'
~ and a few blooms on my squash and tomato plants


Anonymous said…
Lovely GBBD blooms. Thanks for sharing.
Carol said…
I'm "in the pink" too for this month it seems. Last year it seemed like the garden was all yellow, but this year, pink. I'll have to go back and check my records.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

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