Edible Chesapeake Reprints Tomato Story

The Summer 2008 edition of Edible Chesapeake has a reprint of the cover story from our May/June 2008 tomato-theme issue. You can pick up Edible Chesapeake for free at area Whole Foods or farmers' markets. See the full list of pick-up spots here.

BTW our tomato-theme issue is a practical sell-out -- just one case left. For the first time ever I'm having to figure out how to handle back issue orders for it. Should I get down to the very last few copies of this issue, I'll probably take it off the order lists and reserve it only for those buying full-sets of all our back issues. Being a "completist" myself, I think that is the fairest way. So with that I announce our new ALL BACK ISSUE SPECIAL. Buy all 20 back issues from March/April 2005-May/June 2008 for just $90 including postage. A $120 value. Send a check for $90.00 payable to “Washington Gardener” magazine to: Washington Gardener, 826 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910.


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