Yes, It IS Hot Enough - Thanks for Asking

The house pictured here was next to one of the 9 garden stops on the Cleveland Park Garden Tour last Sunday. I had to snap this photo (Do we say "snap photos" anymore in the digital age?) because I'm a big fan of lavender and green color-combo. I think this homeowner should deed their house to us as our new magazine HQ. It'd look very sporty with a big "Home of Washington Gardener" painted across the porch roof.

The fact that I did not pass out during this mostly uphill garden walk on Sunday nor during the entire day outdoors at the Rockville Flower and Garden Fest on Saturday is testament only to my handy "wet-rag." This flower was definitely wilting in the record temps, so I keep on-hand a bright orange handkerchief that I occasionally soak in a bottle of ice water that I bring along than ring it out and tie around my neck for immediate, cooling relief. Sure I look a bit old school and maybe even a bit downscale, but who cares! I'd rather look dorky and Tom Sawyer-ish than be riding in the back of an ambulance from heat stroke (again - ahem).


FirePhrase said…
If you decide to just claim squatters rights on that house, I will totally help. As long as I can have the attic room.

The neighborhood on the rich side of my street is having a garden tour over the weekend. I'm crossing my fingers for clouds and breezes. Otherwise, I'll be makeing use of your tip!

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