Smell the Roses

At the end of the Brookland House & Garden Tour on Sunday, we dropped by the Franciscan Monastery for a stroll. The roses are perfection right now -- run, don't walk over there asap to catch them at their peak. The Monastery grounds are free and open to the public -- plus it is very near the Brookland metro stop on the red line. (Yes, it is all up hill to get there, but then all down hill on way back ;-) The grounds of the Monastery are open daily 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Here are a few rose pics I took there on Sunday.


FirePhrase said…
I sometimes think that roses exist just so that even I can take a good photograph. You just can't miss with a rose.
GardenJoy4Me said…
I have yet to see a bad picture of a rose ? LOL
These are gorgeous ! Can't wait for mine to come into action soon.
Agreed - roses seem to be just be ready-made photo ops. They are like spoiled little rich girls of the garden - they get upset when you DON"T stop and notice their elegant beauty.
Love the Franciscan Monastery for spiritual reasons but realized I have never (insert cliche) stopped to smell the Brothers' roses. I will now, thanks to you.

Gorgeous photos!

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