WaPo Mentions SeedEx

In today's Washington Post Real Estate section, Joel Lerner, mentions our upcoming Seed Excahnge. Her is a link to the full article here and this is the relevant excerpt below. So far no phone calls, but I figure this is a holiday weekend and folks are more likely to go online and google than pick up a phone these days.

Seed swaps. There are many showy annuals, as well as vegetables that are
ready to be eaten the same year they are planted from seed. There are also some
fast-establishing perennials such as black-eyed Susans and tickseed ( Coreopsis
grandiflora) that offer fairly speedy gratification.

Seed collection is a sensible hobby, and I have seen a resurgence of interest in this age-old practice. There are seed-collecting sets with small glass-covered cases, bags,
magnifier and other tools. There is an advocacy Web site ( http://www.foodnotlawns.com/seedswap.html) that offers information
about how to organize a seed swap and discusses the benefits of this type of

You are encouraged to collect seeds for Washington Gardener
magazine's third annual Washington Seed Exchange, 12:30 to 4 p.m., Saturday,
Jan. 26, at Brookside Gardens, Wheaton. Whether or not you have seeds to swap,
you will leave with some new ones for your garden. (Fee: $15. Registration in
advance. Call Kathy Jentz at 301-588-6894 for more information.)


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