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We got two great boosts on the radio this morning for the Seed Exchange Mike McGrath, WTOP's Garden Plot host, called me yesterday to quiz me about the event. This morning he talked with the morning show hosts about it. It aired at 8:50am and they gave me a link here. Immediately my phone began ringing off the hook. Apparently the Brookside Gardens phone also began to overload as they called me to get the full event details as well. Earlier in the week, I taped an interview with David Furst on WAMU's Metro Connection. It aired later in the morning and is archived here. The phones then really went off. Great PR, but a very stressful day. Below are some tips for Seed Exchange attendees to make the day smooth for everyone. I'm off to keep packing and printing out signs for tomorrow's event.

Seed Exchange Quick Tips:

- Registration starts at 12noon. If you can come with reg form pre-filled out and check to "Washington Gardener" or exact change, that'll speed things up for everyone.

- I think most of you are familiar with getting to Brookside and parking should be plentiful for our event. Just in case, here is a link to directions/map. We will be in the Visitor Center in the Main Auditorium. There is additional parking down the hill at the Conservatory.

- We recommend eating lunch before coming. We will be serving a healthy snack break mid-way through the event courtesy of Whole Foods -- fruit, cookies, cheese, etc. We have bottled spring water - if you have a travel mug, bottle, or cup you like, bring that to fill up. We will have some plastic/paper cups on hand, but are trying to keep this event as 'green' as possible.

- We will have generic "hello my name is" tags for you to fill in-- if you have your own name tag from work or another event, by all means bring it. Again, we are trying to recycle and make this event eco-friendly. We may do prizes for the most creative name tags :-).

- When you get your goody bag at check-in, please make sure to label it with your name -- all the bags look alike and can get easily mixed up.

- If you are bringing seed catalogs to give-away, be sure to rip off the address labels and tear out any order insert with your personal information on it.

- We screen incoming seeds and cannot accept any invasives listed in the "Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas" booklet from the National Park Service. See their listing here.

- Carefully pack and label your seeds as best you can. The more information you can provide, the better. More details on seed packing and labeling in our event brochure.

- Here is the updated event schedule:
12:00-12:30 Registration and seed drop off to WG Staff & Volunteers
12:30-12:35 Introductory remarks and overview - Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener magazine
12:35-1 “Solving Problems with Propagation & Hardening Off” – Gene Sumi, Homestead Gardens
1-1:30 "Succession & Companion Plantings" – Mark Smallwood, Whole Foods Green Mission Specialist
1:30-2:00 “Seeds vs Tissue Culture” – Robert Greisbach, USDA
2:00-2:30 Refreshment Break & Seed Swap Preview
2:30-3:00 Seed Show & Tell*
3:00-3:30 Seed Swap!
3:30-3:45 Garden Photo Contest Winners Presentation
3:45-4:00 Final Door Prizes and closing remarks - Kathy Jentz Washington Gardener magazine

*Show & Tell participation is voluntary. We encourage you to introduce yourself, share some fun facts and background on the seeds you bring, or tell us about any local garden projects or groups which you are involved in.


FirePhrase said…
Oh, my gosh! I am totally in love with making up my own name tag and bringing it to name-tag type events. You go to a conference and they try to hand you a same-old-same-old badge and you say, "Thanks, brought my own." Then pin something bla-dow to your lapel. Loving it! Oh, the wheels are turning.

Hope the seed exchange was a roaring success!

It went fabulously - I'm still recovering, unpacking, processing registrations, etc. Will try to do a semi-report tomorrow.
On the nametag thing - I made my own tags a few years ago that I pack and wear to events that do not provide them for me - like the Home & Garden Shows I exhibit at frequently. But only recently did it dawn on me to keep my nametag in my tote bag at all times and now I bring it wherever I go and wear it instead of those lacky "hello my name is--" stickers. This saves a tree or 3, does not let folks see my main flaw immediately (horrific handwriting), AND is a great conversation starter.
BTW the "best nametag" winner at the Seed Exchange did indeed go the extra mile. She made one up of a photo of ME with her gardening pal that she took at the Georgetown Garden Tour last year. All 3 of us are Kathy - with a K - so she labeled herself part of the "Kathy" club :-) How could that NOT earn a prize?

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