New Gnome has a New Home

Don't you just want to give him a pinch on the cheeks? I hope he pulls his weight and a few weeds in the veggie plot. His name is Gerd the Gardener and he comes from the Alpenland catalog. I got him for Christmas from my paternal Grandmother Mamie in northwest Indiana. He is now #3 in my growing gnome collection.
I have a real soft spot for these guys because one of my fondest childhood memories is of playing in my maternal grandparent's garden plot outside of Bayreuth along side several of their vintage gnomes. My nieces enjoy visiting my gnomes and giving them names and back stories. What is it about these foot-tall vinyl garden ornaments that makes them so lovable?


FirePhrase said…
I LOVE gnomes. I gnomed my folks front lawn a few years ago, because it just seemed too naked without them. Come to think of it, Satchel and Lothar could use a little sprucing up with a coat of paint. Good project to do before spring.

Christa said…
I love gnomes, too - also because my German grandmother had them in her garden. I was in Germany a year ago and saw that so many people had gnomes displayed in their gardens. More than I ever see here in the states.
I hear gnomes are especially big in French gardens - I'll have to take a trip to confirm that at some point.
I do know most of them were manufactured in the former East Germany.
Unfortunately I do not have photos of my uncle's collection to share. He lives outside Nurnberg has some of the "naughty" kind in his yard -- pants down, slipping the bird, that sort of thing. I'm sure they'd be best-sellers here, especially during campaign sign season, but I'm glad no one I know of has introduced those kind to the US audience.

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