The Lazy Blogger

Today I attended a party where the agenda was eat, talk, eat, more, talk more, and still eat more. Therefore, this blog entry will be short on text and long on photos. I took all of these pics within one small corner of my garden to capture all the wildlife I could witness in a few minutes.

Included here is a brand new bird's nest I discovered in a forsythia bush, what I think is two sacks full of praying mantis eggs, birds sunning and bathing themselves a the edge of my pond, more birds hanging out in a shrub, and one sneaky Chantilly unsuccessfully trying to nab on those happy birds.


Jessica said…
Love the pics! I have been a lurking reader of your blog - I found you when Googling around about the birds in my backyard. :) Great blog!
Thanks, Jessica! And I'm glad JUTP linked/featured your local blog as I'd probably not have found it on my own. I'm not a mom, but I definitely see the need for your information - so much out there to filter through.
BTW our upcoming Seed Exchange is kid-friendly - we had a few enthusiastic girls who attended last year. I'd say 3rd grade-aged on up to participate would be best as it is a lot of talking and sitting still - although little ones can always come along and jump around the outside grounds of Brookside if weather permits.

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