Bloom Day

I thought this month would be a bust for outdoor blooms to show as part of the Gardener Bloggers Bloom Day. and that I'd just have to list all my indoor ones. But after carefully checking I found exactly ONE early bloom on my Winter Jasmine open day and ONE late bloom on my PJM Rhododendron. If you look close at the rhododendron bloom (the pink one, for you non-plant types that might be reading this), you'll see tiny now flakes as I took these photos during the first snow flurry of the year today around noon. The snow didn't last long and nothing stuck. Sure is frigid out there now and glad I'm all cozy indoors now.


Stuart said…
Nice find too. It won't be long and we'll find ourselves with your dilemma and you northern hemisphereans will be basking in all your spring glory. Cheers for sharing your pics.
Carol said…
Bloom day isn't much in our gardens in January, which is what makes those occasional, singular blooms that much nicer to find. Thanks for joining in for bloom day again, I know the 15th is a busy day for you!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
We both have the winter jasmine in flower. Great that your Rhodo has a flower already! Happy GBBD!
Thanks, all. I'm seeing lots of bulb foliage popping up everyone so I know spring is just around the corner - just have to grit my teeth through Feb in DC.
Stuart, I visited your AG blog and loved your interview with Nicole Kidman - LOL. I think I may need to do a few of those with our Wash DC celebrity gardeners.

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