You say, "FlowerMart," I say, "Flower Mart"

Here is an online link to this week's Top 5 Home & Garden Events listing on page 28 of today's print edition. Pick up the Washington Examiner at any area metro station.

Please note that the photo used along with this listing (and on the front cover of today’s edition as well as pictured here) was taken by our staff photographer, Drena J. Galarza. For some reason the Examiner does not run photo credits or cutlines with "The List" items. It was taken at last year's Flower Mart at the National Cathedral.

I'll be at the Cathedral Flower Mart myself on Fri-Sat. Stop by the booth #45, the Washington Gardener tent, to sign up for a subscription, gift subscriptions (Mother's Day is coming up!), renew, buy back issues, or just purchase the current issue. We’ll also have a booth at the Baltimore FlowerMart same dates and times, I won’t be there myself but my partial clone (my brother, Ulli) will be. BTW the two events, though the share similar names, audiences, and the same dates, have NOTHING to do with each other. What I find amusing is that the Baltimore folks really have the claim on the concept and the name - 90+ year history and going strong - but the Cathedral folks I talk to are either unaware of the competing event or hold it in contempt. I admit some DC v. Balt snobbery myself, however in this case, I have to say the Baltimore folks come out on top as the originators. Dare I say though that the DC event is more my taste and style -- heavier on the garden vendors, lighter on the campy (doggie dress-up) contests. To each city, their own...

On Sunday, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’ll be volunteering at the Takoma House & Garden Tour. Hope you can make at least one of these area garden events.

Contest Deadline Reminder:

For our April 2007 Washington Gardener Reader Contest, we are giving out several sets of two passes each (worth $50 per set) to 8th annual Annapolis Secret Garden Tour. This tour takes place June 3 in historic downtown Annapolis, MD. Radio personality and national garden celebrity, Andre Viette, is the event’s featured speakers.

To enter, send an email with “Annapolis Secret” in the subject line to by May 7. In the body of the email include your full name and address.


Paul said…
Heronswood is having some Garden Opens at the Fordhook Farms in Doylestown, PA. The last one was very nice.

Picked up some nice hellebores.,0,2361228.story

Future Opens
I'll definitely have to make it up to Doylestown sometime soon.

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