Slogging Away

Thanks to my many mouthy posts on the GardenRant blog I was awarded a new pair of Sloggys Ultra Lites in my choice of color - Pea Pod. I promised a review after trying them out for a bit and have to say I love them. And not only cause they were free to me, but because I've been wearing them everywhere -- from running to the post office to my local TV appearances. They are comfortable and I'm a very picky person on that point with a closet full of unwanted looks-good-felt-okay-in-the-store-yet-hurt-my-feet-the-first-time-I-wore-them-out shoes to prove it. I've pretty much gone down to just 4-5 pair of wearable shoes these days and a few others I'll tolerate for special occasions. Since I'm car-free and walk literally everywhere I've very tough on my shoes and I simple will not stand for any that rub, squeeze, or cause blisters on my feet.

I also have a pair of purple Crocs and a pair of red Sloggers classic garden clogs. The red clogs have been a garden-wear staple of mine for at least three years now and I still will wear them for all the heavy, dirty garden tasks like moving mulch, turning compost, digging planting holes for shruns, etc. For lightweight, everyday work like weeding, planting up containers, tying back wayward vines, etc. these new light, airy Sloggers are the best. The new Sloggers have replaced my Crocs in many cases for non-garden wear as well, but I'll still sport the Crocs when say the color matchs my outfit better or the mood strikes.

BTW I saw the same Sloggers for sale at a True Value hardware store near Tenleytown NW DC and they were $21.95 - less than Crocs and certainly reasonable enough. I'm thinking of buying a second pair in Petal Pink. For sizing: I normally wear a 8.5 shoe, so thought I should go up to a 9 - but the Sloggers folks steered me to the 8 and they were right, it fits me perfectly.


Gotta Garden said…
I got a free pair of the pinks ones when I attended a gardening symposium in SC in March. There wasn't a choice of size (I got a 9) and like you, wear an 8.5. They are too big, but I wear them anyway! I had never heard of them before...but they are comfy! I like your green ones!
susan harris said…
I LOVE that photo. S
Gotta Garden - same shoe size?! - what are the odds? Sometime we should start an 8.5 club -- I think though we may have a LOT of members.

Thanks, Susan. Notice the authentic garden dirt gracing the Sloggys as well. I don't believe in 'glamourizing' it up for the camera.

A friend in TX who saw my post said she saw the Sloggys for sale at Target - I'm going to see what selection and pricing they have here at the Wheaton one this weekend.

I saw them last night for sale at Johnson's here in DC - a bit pricier than at other sources I've seen - but you can always go there on a sale day.

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