Purple Prose

As promised, here is a pic of me at the Woodrow Wilson House Garden Party on Wednesday. There was a thunderstorm early in the eve than a light drizzle, but still a good turnout and a successful event. Though you can't see it well, my hat is decorated with a band 20+ blossoms from my 'Florence Delattre' rose. To match the rose, I went with an all-purple outfit theme. Washington Gardener Magazine readers will recognize it as the rose from the cover shot of our current issue. The fact that I was able to spare 20-odd flowers from this bush and still have many to spare shows you what a tremendous spring it has been for roses in the DC-area. Usually, I'm lucky to get 10 blooms all season from this particular bush.

I was interviewed for the new "My Home" Spring 2007 supplement in the Gazette newspaper. It came out in late April, but took me until now to obtain a copy of it as it only appeared in the upcounty editions of that weekly and the text is not to be found anywhere on their extensive web site. I finally got a hard copy and have scanned it in for my records and can share it upon request if you provide your direct email. I did get a few subscribers from this up in Poolseville, Olney, Boyds, etc., wish it had a more extensive exposure. Though better some, than none!


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