Meet Me at the Mall

Here is an online link to this week's Top 5 Home & Garden Events listing on page 30 of today's print edition. Pick up the Washington Examiner at any area metro station. I thought Memorial Day holiday weekend would be a tough one to get events listing for as there are really no tours, workshops, etc. planned. It was not so hard though to put this one together once I went to my secret "go-to" sites: Brookside, USNA, Longwood, USBG, and the Cathedral.

I'm co-planner of the GWA Region II Meeting coming up on June 25 here in Washington, DC. This is for garden writers -- specifically members of GWA from the Northeast region. However, those outside the region and nonmembers can register as well. We have a great line-up including a green roof tour and talk. The event was a bear to arrange because of the timing -- just before APGA is meeting in town and the Mall's Folklife Festival. So we got a lot of "don't bother us now, call us later" type rejections from TPTB, which I found bewildering considering the fact that most any organization is normally begging for even one reporter to show up and cover them, much less having 50 garden writers actually coming to you and eagerly anticipating the visit! Ah well, water under the bridge. Here are the event details. (Note that part of this schedule is incorrect, we are not being given a tour of the NMAI grounds. It should be corrected soon.)


Gotta Garden said…
The garden group I volunteer with went on a tour last Aug with the director of the Smith. gardens...very impressive! I had no idea! You will enjoy it!

I went last weekend to the new National Garden. I also wanted to check up on the Rose Garden since it wasn't in bloom last time I was there. The Rose Garden was fab (I mean to blog about it!) but I'll be interested in your thoughts on the National Garden. A couple of neat sculptures are in it!
Thanks for the sharing :-)
I did the National Garden press tour when it open last fall - but it definitely needed 'fillingout' at that point - though the rose portion was pretty nice. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing how it has grown in the 9 months or so in between my last official visit (though I've popped in a few times on my own since then).

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