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I'm a panelist at an upcoming DC Web Woman program on magazines. DC Web Woman is one of the best kept secrets for networking in our area. Free to join and be on their email lists. The only costs involved are fees for attending workshops and social events. You can attend as many as you like or none at all -- a totally low-key, no-pressure organization. Most all of the members are involved in web site building in some way or other -- some are freelance web hosting service providers, some work for big corporations in their IT department, some are like me and have one we maintain for our businesses, and still others are just interested in getting into the web business in some aspect. If you are in publishing today, I don't think it is possible that your job is not somehow web-related. What I like best about this group is their complete openness and willingness to share. I attribute that to the great women who make up the membership and keep it running smoothly.

Here are the details of the talk:
Monday, January 22
Moving to Online: Print to WebWorking with Print and Digital Magazines
DC Web Woman
American Public Power Association
2301 M Street NWWashington, DC 20037

Tonight I'll be at the annual DCWW Holiday Party. We are donating a gift subscription to Washington Gardener as one of the door prizes and I'm really looking forward to meeting many of the woman whose emails I read on a daily basis.


Anonymous said…
I didn't get a chance to tell you on Monday how pretty your outfit was! I love silver-grey, and it looks good on you.

Caryn Wesner-Early
Thanks! :-) Was a nice crowd and looking forward to the photos.

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