The latest issue (12/15/06) of the Washington Gardener Enews has been sent out and is now archived online for all to read. The feature story is on Poinsettias, which I must say make me crazy to write about in that I want to spell them every which way but the right way. It doesn't help either that I hear the name pronounced with innumerable variations so that there seems to be truly no consensus on the correct one. Whether it is pawn-set-ah or poween-set-tya, it is one plant that I personally never had any urge to purchase. I'm more the paperwhite and mini-cedar girl during the holidays. This year though I was sucked in by the 3 for $9 pricing and have them by my front door in an incongruously pricey planter (pictured at top left).

Will I attempt to nurture and bring the poinsettias back for next year? I think it will be determined by what shape they are in at the end of the season. (I just hate seeing all those leggy, leafless poinsettias on receptionist's desk when I visit offices around town!) Though knowing me, I wouldn't have the heart to throw the poor things in the compost pile in the dead of winter.

BTW the first winner of our Brookside Garden of Lights Subscription Contest is Kathleen Rapp of Gaithersburg, MD. YOU still have a chance to enter for the next contest drawing on December 31. See our Contests web page for details.


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