My Super Secret Double-Life

I've just been interviewed me on the blog: LTs Jazzy Radio Loft & Lounge. What am I doing on a jazzy radio blog? I know LT through LoveSexyDC, a local Prince fan group I founded over a decade ago. It's funny how people I've known for years have no idea about this part of my life whereas my "Prince family" may be completely unaware that I run a garden magazine -- just as my yoga friends that I spend on average three nights a week at the movies -- and so on. I think they call that "compartmentalizing." I just call it life.

In the interview we talk about the LoveSexyDC, how it started, my magazine business, gardening, and of course, Prince himself. I think he asked some very smart questions and the conversation flows well. Please check it out and leave comments -- I'll visit his blog page and answer any additional questions that may come up.


Blackswamp_Girl said…
How fun! I saw Prince one time at a Macy Gray concert in Detroit... I knew he was short, but it was amazing how tiny the man is in real life.

That some people insiste on compartmentalization cracks me up... why can't we all just be multifaceted and let each face shine?

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