Gathering The Seeds

The Second Annual Washington Gardener Seed Exchange is coming up quickly. I'm in the middle of finalizing all the various details of it for publication in the Jan/Feb 07 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine. We are already getting many wonderful door prizes and goody bag items from various sponsors. Today I received a called from Organica who is giving a generous donation of 125 samples of sample bottles of plant nutrition tablets for a goody bag item. If you are a garden-related company and would like to donate a door prize for the event or give a goody bag insert (125 of any one item), just contact me by December 15.

We expect a sell out as we have already gotten in a good number of registrants and we are limited by space constraints to just 125 attendees. Sign up soon using the registration form you can print out at the USNA web site. Remember that current Washington Gardener magazine subscribers get $5 off the registration fee. Just note that on your registration form and we'll confirm against our subscriber list.

BTW, FONA members also get $5 off the Seed Exchange attendee fee. (No, if you are both a subscriber and a FONA member you can NOT add these discounts together! Nice try. ;-) What is FONA? The Friends of the National Arboretum. I have a front-page article all about the Seed Exchange in their current Arbor Friends newsletter. You cannot view it currently online - but I imagine it will get posted soon. FONA is a great group of supporters of the Arboretum. If you enjoy visiting this great DC resource, I highly recommend you join this nonprofit and get involved in their many programs.


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