The Christmas Spirit

It was tough getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Like my friend, Julie, I was not really feeling it. I had started my cards and received a few. Been to the Brookside Garden of Lights with my nieces and sang some carols with them and still not a tingle. I had made an evergreen door swag project with the Takoma Horticultural Club (pictured at left). I had put out a few seasonal decor items. Last night I went to mass (first Sunday of advent), followed by a some shopping for presents and a yummy hot chocolate. After all that, I was still not feeling it.

Then I did the Channel 9 "Gifts for Gardeners" segment (read text or watch video) this morning and by the time I got home, it hit. Was it the Santa's elf hat I wore? Was it the talk of getting great gifts? Or the cold, crisp day? Was it finally giving in and buying paperwhites at full retail price at Johnson's on my way home from the TV studio? Maybe reading the religious magazine article on St. Katharina of Siena while waiting for the bus? Who knows?! All I know is it worked and between checking emails and getting caught up on paperwork I've been listening to the all-Christmas radio station, baking cookies, and finishing up those cards with a renewed energy and spirit. Happy Holidays!


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