In The Zone

Our latest Washington Examiner article is now out. All about planting zones. I was only able to scratch the surface of that vast subject with this piece. You could easily fill a book about all the little micro-climates and zonal differences we have in our region. Just walking from one block to another in my neighborhood I can see vast differences. One block north, but facing south, a house always has February Gold daffodils blooming at least a week prior to mine. But then I go a few blocks south and the homes bordering Rock Creek Park seem to get frost earlier and more often than I do in a street-side property.

Read it online (Nov 17 edition - page 64) or grab the print version at street boxes around town today - the article is on R8 (Real Estate section - page 8).

The same piece is also in the Baltimore Examiner, which is posted here (see Nov 17 edition - page 106). You can of course get the print version in Balitmore and its surrounding counties also. The article is on R38 (Real Estate section - page 38).


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