Pumpkin Memo

To: Silver Spring Squirrels and Their Friends
From: WashingtonGardener
Re: The Pumpkins on MY Porch

The pumpkins on my back porch are not for occasional snacking or tooth-sharpening. They are there for Halloween holiday decor. In the future, I'd appreciate if you left the carving to ME!


Anonymous said…
To: Washington Gardener
From: Gourd Liberation Front

Quit complaining and buy us more pumpkins.

The Squirrels

PS - and how about a couple of those snazzy ears of corn?
OOOH, you little jerks!
I shake my fist at you.

I've turned the tables now - the pumpkins are safely indoors where you can only watch longlingly from outside as I carve them up to my liking. Then I'll roast the seeds to snack on at my leisure.

As to ears of corn (!) - just be happy you have all the oak acorns you could ever dream of and that I don't let my cat go psycho-killer on you and your friends.

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