The Washington Gardener Enews 10/15/06 is out and now posted to our archives. This issue I did a story on Apple Picking and decided not to do just the usual "here is where to go" story that runs in every local paper each fall. I expanded on that and actually offered tips on the apple picking itself. After years of being yelled at by certain family members not to jerk and rip the apples off the trees, but to easily roll them off and not to drop them in the basket, but to gently place them -- it has finally sunk in and I'm happy to pass on the advice.

On a side note, my blog posts may be few this week as it is deadline crunch time for the Nov/Dec 06 issue of the magazine. This past weekend's GreenFestival was the best event I've done so far in terms of sales and interest. I wouldn't have missed it for the world and can't wait for next year - though it certainly put me under the gun for getting everything to the printer.


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