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GardenDC Podcast Episode 181: Invasive Plants

In this episode of GardenDC: The Podcast about Mid-Atlantic Gardening, we talk with Maddie Hoagland-Hanson, horticulturist with Casey Trees, all about invasive plants. The plant profile is on Adonis amurensis and we share what's going on in the garden as well as some upcoming local gardening events and garden tasks in the What's New segment. We close out with the Last Word on Composting with Paul the Possum by Christy Page of Green Prints.

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SHOW NOTES: 01:09 Meet horticulturist Maddie Hoagland Hanson 1:43 “Were you born with chlorophyll in your veins and a green thumb?” — host Kathy Jentz asks Maddie 3:38 How Maddie got involved in Casey Trees coming from an educational background of English and romantic poetry 4:44 Maddie joined the trail crew of the Texas Conservation Corps 6:22 Maddie moved to Seattle and joined another Conservation Corps there 6:36 “My experience working on conservation corps and actually doing invasive species removal work was what prompted me eventually to go back to school for landscape architecture” — Maddie 7:56 The mission of Casey Trees, a DC-based non-profit organization working to restore, protect, and enhance the tree canopy of the Nation’s Capital 10:06 Maddie’s role in Casey Trees 12:10 Invasive Plant #1: Vinca, also known as Periwinkle 14:49 What does it mean for a species to be “invasive” 17:04 Can plants have “evil” tendencies? Are there “bad” plants? 17:33 “I personally think that gardening as a practice should be something that helps us cultivate empathy, definitely the natural world and hopefully each other” — Maddie 17:50 The concept of invasive species “brings up this feeling of, or fear of, what is foreign” 20:58 Maddie talks about a memorable experience she has with an invasive plant when she was younger 22:28 Techniques to remove Vinca 25:41 Invasive Plant #2: Japanese Pachysandra 27:37 Invasive Plant #3: English Ivy 30:40 Invasive Plant #4: Asian and Bush Honeysuckle 34:00 Invasive Plant #5: Porcelainberry 36:35 Invasive Plant #6: Bamboo 39:26 Invasive Plant #7: Sweet Autumn Clematis 41:29 Kathy and Maddie talk about how some invasives have native counterparts — Kathy says it could be because “at one point, the continents were together, and maybe pre-Ice Age we were sharing a lot of the same plant genetics and plant families” 42:58 Invasives that are less common in a home garden, but more common in park lands or wild areas 47:46 Learn more about Casey Trees on their website and even schedule a visit and consultation 48:43 Get in touch with Maddie via email 49:15 Plant Profile: Amur Adonis - a late-winter bloomer 50:36 What’s new in the garden this week? 51:51 Get updated on the current soil temperature and weather by checking out the Hyattsville Horticultural Society website 52:22 Local gardening event: Feb. 21, Takoma Horticulture Club will host a meeting and talk with Brookside Gardens horticulturist on “Overcoming Fears of Pruning” 53:02 Local gardening event: Feb. 26, Silver Spring Garden Club will host a meeting and talk on “Paradise Under Glass” with guest speaker and author Ruth Kassinger 53:43 Kathy Jentz’s book “Groundcover Revolution” 55:03 Kathy Jentz’s book “The Urban Garden” 56:02 Christy Page with GreenPrints on Composting with Paul the Possum 59:32 How to support GardenDC Podcast

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Episode Credits:
Host and Producer: Kathy Jentz
Interview Edit and Show Notes: Hannah Zozobrado


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