Thursday, March 01, 2018

DIY: Succulents in Layered Sand Terrarium

There is an optical illusion to these gorgeous succulent containers. The trick is that there is a smaller glass container inside the larger one. The smaller one holds the plants and soil. This allows you to water the plant and not moisten and ruin the layers of decorative sand around it.

By the way, these succulents in sand are not true "terrariums," but because we are planting in glass, they are called that anyway.

- small glass jar
- large glass vase
- colored sands
- cactus soil mix
- succulents
- stiff paper
- spoons
- skewer or tweezers
- decorative rocks, gems, or glitter (optional)

1. Pot up your succulent(s) in the cactus mix. Water them in lightly and press the soil firmly. Make sure the succulent is sitting "high" up and the soil comes to just below the lass rim.
2. Center the small jar with succulent potted up in it inside the larger glass vase.
3. Take a stiff piece of paper and form a loose funnel to cover the inner jar and then take a spoon to gently add in layers of sound between the small jar and the outer edge of the vase. Go slowly and carefully -- working a little at a time and checking the effect as you go. It is much easier to add than to subtract! If you get any stray sand in your soil, use a skewer to mix it further down into the soil and it will blend in.
4. Once the sand is level with the inner jar. You can add decorative elements around it. Shiny rocks and gems are fun or you can go more natural with river rocks and pebbles.

Place your succulent in a bright sunny window and water a few drops at a time with a small syringe just onto the soil around the plant.
   Once the plant starts to out-grow its spot, you can pull it out gently and re-pot with another one. or you can totally disassemble the terrarium and start over again.

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