Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Video Wednesday: Pink Muhly Grass

Muhly Grass is a tough, native, ornamental grass that is topped in late summer and fall with fluffy plumes of cotton-candy pink. It is airy and beautiful. You cannot resist brushing your hands through it as you walk by.

It grows to about 3 feet high and wide. Pink Muhly makes a great border or edge plant. It combines well with the pink-flowering forms of Echinacea, Sedum ‘Autimn Joy,’ and other ornamental grasses.

It is native to the southern United States and Mexico. The genus (Muhlenbergia) contains over 150 species, but only a few are commercially available.

It prefers full sun (6-8 hours), but can tolerate part-sun. It grow best in well-drained soils, so place it on a slope and amend clay soil well with compost for best results. This grass can tolerate drought conditions, high heat, humidity, and nutrient-poor soils. 

Pink Muhly is disease -and pest-resistant. The only maintenance needed is to prune it back to about one foot high in late winter/very early spring.

There is a white version called 'White Cloud' that is equally as stunning and traffic-stopping. 

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