Saturday, March 04, 2017

Primrose: You Can Grow That!

Primrose are a cold hardy perennial for us in the Mid-Atlantic USA, that is also widely sold as a houseplant at local supermarkets and garden centers. At just $2-4 each, I buy several and use them to decorate my home with flowers during the depths of the winter doldrums. Then, when they stop flowering, I plant then out in the garden in a moist, part-shade spot. They come back reliably each year with little/no care and bloom about the same time outdoors as they did inside.

One extra step I do for them inside is that I pinch out any spent blooms as I come across them during weekly waterings. This seems to encourage more and longer flowering from the plants.

This year, rather than compost these sweet little plants, why not plant them out in your garden and be rewarded with blooms for years to come?
All who are involved with You Can Grow That! (YCGT!) believe that plants and gardening enhance our quality of life. We want people to be successful with what they grow and to become more aware of the many gifts that horticulture brings. Find out more at
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