Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bloom Day's Shoulder Season

Saffron Crocus
Seedheads on Lily of the Valley
Nippon Daisy
Water Hyacinth
 It is Garden Blogger's Bloom Day again! On the 15th of each month, we gardeners from all over the world share a few bloom photos on our blogs. My garden is in the Mid-Atlantic USA (USDA zone 7) on the DC-MD border.

The month of October is a shoulder-season for us. Summer annuals and edibles are still hanging on, but a frost could come at any time, so the leaves are changing. Many of us are putting in cool-season plants and spring-blooming bulbs.

In my own garden, I was surprised to see my Water Hyacinth put on a big show this week. After putting out one or two blooms at a time all summer long, this week I have 10 blooms at once and my hardy yellow water lily is also throwing out a rare flower.

The Nippon Daisy and Saffron Crocus are just opening. I had hoped also for Toad Lily blooms to show today, but they look to be still a week away from opening.

Finally, the Lily of the Valley are covered in their berry-like fall seedheads. Who says they are a one-season-interest plant?

What is blooming in YOUR garden today?


  1. Love the Water Hyacinths! I don't have any luck with them. My mother used to grow them, but she could grow just about anything! Do you buy new plants each Spring or do you keep them over the winter? I would love to know your secrets to success.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. HI Lea - Thanks for stopping by. I do buy them new each spring - 3 plants from a Florida grower and they multiply quickly. Some years I am giving them away by the handful. I tried to over-winter them once, but my house is not warm enough nor do I have a tank with circulating water, so they turn to mush by January.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
    - Kathy


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