Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Video Wednesday: How to Take Coleus Cuttings

After posting yesterday's Garden Tip of the Day*, I had several readers asking how to take cuttings. So I thought I'd share a video I made on how to take cuttings from your Coleus plants to make more plants and how to over-winter them. This is a simple, easy technique to save your favorite varieties.

*Garden Tip of the Day: I share a daily gardening tip customized to the Mid-Atlantic USA on our Twitter feed, Facebook page, and Yahoo group. It has proven to be very popular; to the point at which I'm having various people come up to me at talks and events saying they are cataloging all the past tips and that their day is not complete until they receive the garden tip. I encourage you to follow Washington Gardener Magazine on one or all of these social media channels in order to get the daily tips as well as many other local gardening facts, event notices, etc. that I share:

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