Friday, April 04, 2014

Fenton Friday: A New Beginning!

garlic after a long winter
It has been a long, hard, horrible winter, but spring has finally sprung this week! After several false starts we are finally able to get into our community garden plots at the Fenton Urban Park in downtown Silver Spring, MD (zone 7).

I cleared my plot of weeds and spread aged llama and goat manure from a local animal rescue farm in the beds. Then I topdressed it all with leaf compost and re-covered with paths with fresh wood chips.

I stood back and surveyed what survived the harsh winter. The Garlic has sprouted nicely, Strawberry foliage looks okay, and the Asparagus looks ready to jump out of the ground. The big loss was my Calendula. I know that it is a tender perennial for our area, yet I had hoped at least one plant had made it through  -- nothing. The Salad Greens and Broccoli that I had left under a cover cloth were also long gone, but I had not expected anything different from them.

peas planted

After soaking the Sugarsnap Peas for several days, I went out and planted them today. They are labeled "70 days until harvest" -- who wants to take bets on that?


  1. my garlic too is showing signs of having survived the bitter cold. But the two rosemary bushes? that's another story. The question is, how long do I wait to see if there's any life left before I yank them out and start over!

  2. TH - good to hear of your garlic success. And yes, it looks like most of us have lost our rosemary. It is marginally hardy here like Calendula, so we have just been lucky with our mild winters of late. I'm looking at putting in Rosemary 'Arp' which is said to be much hardier for us.


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