Broccoli Feast: Post Produce January 2013

I have not been good about doing the Post Produce blog reports on the 22nd of each month about what we are growing and eating from the garden. Today though I have something to report!

I have been "babying" the broccoli plants I bought from Monticello in September. In my community garden plot, they are under reemay fabric cover and surrounded by bricks and water jugs to form a bit of wind protection. This worked for the mild winter we've had thus far. However, a big arctic deep-freeze has swept into the Mid-Atlantic this week so it was time to collect whatever broccoli spots I could.

I checked yesterday and came away with six heads (pictured above) that were at least ping-pong-ball-sized. Not that giant heads I had dreamed of back in September, but still decent eating. Last night, I put them in boiling water until tender (about 5-7 minutes) and boiled some rotini pasta with them. After I drained them, I added pats of butter and generous sprinklings of Parmesan cheese. This for me is the ultimate winter comfort food. Noms!
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