Sunday, July 22, 2012

Post Produce Day

Fellow garden writer Daniel Gasteiger had started "Post Produce" day on the 22nd of each month over at his blog, We garden bloggers are instructed to post about what our edible gardens are producing and to share it with a link back.

This month at my community garden plot, the carrots are producing very well. This was a big surprise to me as I'd always been told carrots do not do well for us in the Mid-Atlantic region. Am please to say, that the prevailing wisdom was wrong -- at least for this growing season.

So you are probably wondering why a cat is in my carrot photo above. That is because Santino, the cat, would not leave the carrots alone after I harvested them and washed off most of the soil and brought them in for their photo op. This is what I get for buying him a stuffed-carrot catnip toy! He is now busily chewing away on a small one I sacrificed to him, the rest are in the crisper drawer awaiting a carrot-raisin salad I plan to make later.


  1. Reminds me of my ca, Charly, who thinks anything green is his own personal salad!

  2. Alice - Charly sounds like a healthy cat!

  3. Great that you are getting carrots already. Seeing them reminded me of some of the carrots we had last year that the kids called "hand carrots."

  4. Haven't "formally" started harvesting carrots though I had two one day when I weeded carelessly. It depresses me a bit to eat homegrown carrots because I know I'll eventually have to resort to store-bought ones as my garden runs out.

    Your post has broken the ice: I'll harvest carrots tomorrow or Tuesday to serve with dinner. My dog, Nutmeg, won't even get to sniff them; she'd dispatch a handful of carrots in seconds.

    Thanks so much for participating in Post Produce!

  5. Popcorn House - Thanks for stopping by. The variety I'm growing are called 'Little Finger' - smaller, sweeter than the full-sized ones.

    CitySlipper - Go ahead and harvest and enjoy yours - the seasons fly by so fast!


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