Monday, May 02, 2011

What is the best-smelling plant growing in your garden right now?

For our April 2011 Washington Gardener Magazine Reader Contest, Washington Gardener awarded passes to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens’ “Stickwork” Sculpture show by world-famous artist Patrick Dougherty.

From May 2 - 22, watch as artist-in-residence Patrick Dougherty builds a large-scale, temporary sculpture of woven sticks and saplings in the Anderson Meadow at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, VA. They are calling the process “Meadowmorphosis.” Dougherty arrives at the site of each new installation with no preconceptions as to what he will create. Using locally gathered natural materials and drawing on inspiration from the surrounding environment, he designs larger-than-life sculptures.

The contest two winners, chosen at random from among the contest entries, each receive a set of four passes (valued at $40). They are:
~ Ann Marie Moriarty
~ Tom Pluecker
Congratulations to Tom and Ann Marie!

Entrants were asked to tell us: "What is the best-smelling plant growing in your garden right now?"
Fragrant choices included:
~ Lemon Mint
~ Viburnum Carlesii
~ Daphne odora variegated (winter daphne)
So what is growing in YOUR garden now that is scent-sational?


  1. Add another one for viburnum carliessi. The scent is otherworldly right now.

  2. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Convallaria majalis -- popped out mid-week and greets me every morning.

  3. My Joseph's Coat rose is the most fragrant plant in my garden at the moment. It has a very sweet smell that permeates the garden around every corner.

  4. Prunus laurocerasus and Viburnum praganse-although a bit musky, I like it

  5. Yummy, wonderful scents all - my personal favorites at the moment are the Lilyof the Valley as my Lilacs have just ended.

  6. Anonymous10:52 PM

    When I noticed that the Wisteria had gotten so big it was trying to eat a Dogwood, we gave her a severe pruning, all the way down to the main trunks. I didn't think we'd get any flowers this year, but she's blooming like mad and wafting her scent all over the yard.


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