Friday, April 02, 2010

Here Mousie, Mousie

Could you take a few seconds to nominate our Washington Gardener Magazine's blog: for a Mouse and Trowel Award?
Please put us under the "Best Blog by a Company" category
go to:

Finalists will be announced on May 1 and we hope to make the cut. Then we'll be back to ask for you to vote for us in the finals. We'll be running against some really big, well-funded corporate blogs and I knew we are true underdogs in this, but I hope to at least crack the top 3.

BTW are there other local DC-region garden bloggers out there who are looking to win a Mousie? Drop me a line inour Comments section as to which category you are running under and your blog address and I'll be happy to nominate you too.


  1. Gotcha! And I put in a vote for the photo contest winner post as post of the year. Just 'cause it's something I look forward to every year.


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