Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Task Accomplished! and on to Ad Sales

Amazingly all the mulch is off my driveway - I've remulched some beds but mostly just moved the pile from the drive to a back corner compost pile - this took over 50 trips of my hauler. It took all yesterday and today. Every muscle aches and I've got bruises and blisters all over. But, it is done!

On to other party prep tasks such as baking brownies, weeding, and cleaning out the house. Nothing like having scores of people come to your home and garden to get those long put off chores done!

In between that, I'm really behind on magazine business. I was supposed to have the 2006 Editorial Calendar done last month and after I do that then I can update the web site and ad kits. Just not enough hours in the day.

Did I mention that I'm far from breaking even in the money department? Not unusual for a new business (started last January 1), but still something foreign and worrisome for me. Truthfully, I thought the advertising would just come rolling in. For me it is a total no-brainer: If you want to reach the garden community of greater DC area, you'll take an ad. But so far, the few paid ads I've gotten were like having to pull my own wisdom teeth out - painful and intimidating. Though after taking the ads, all have been satisified, if not rapturous over the response.

I've already gone through 3 independent ad sales people, none of them has delivered a single ad and all turned out to be total flakes. They made me the most angry in that they set me behind months in the process where I thought something was actually happening.

Anyway, I have contracted now with Bill S. for national ad sales and I'm on my own for local ad sales right now. Wish me luck! And if you have any ad leads, drop me a line!


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  2. Kathy, this is a real comment, not spam like the first one from anonymous (I just delete them.)
    I can only imagine how hard ad sales must be - intimidating, I'm sure. And I agree it should be a no-brainer, esp now that the mag is something physical they can see. As always, let me know if there's anything more I can do to help. Susan


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