DIY: Create Your Own Garden Pathway

Guest blog by Gaby Galvin

If you find yourself ignoring parts of your garden or yard because of inaccessibility,

this project is for you. It only takes about 20 minutes to put together and can be

customized to fit your needs. You might not even have to purchase a single item for

this project – recycling is the name of the game.

  • Wood pallets or crate boards in the same length
  • Soil, sand, or gravel – your choice
  • Garden rocks, plants, or other decoration

1. Dig up any plants or weeds in the area you are going to create your walkway,

making it a little wider than your wood boards.

2. Put down your soil, sand, or gravel, making sure it is still a little lower to the

ground than the two areas you are connecting.

3. Place the boards side-by-side horizontally to create the pathway. The boards

should be slightly embedded in the ground to keep them in place.

4. Place your garden rocks randomly or add decorative shrubs or plants. This is

the part where you get to be creative!

This project is simple and allows for a lot of creative leeway. You can alternate the

coloring of the wood boards to make the pathway more aesthetically pleasing. If

your pathway will be rounded, make sure to position the boards in an arch rather

than a sharp line. If you want this pathway to last a long time and it will be rained on

often, consider treating it or sealing it so it doesn’t rot. Sealing the wood will also

stop it from becoming too slippery.

About the author:
Gaby Galvin is a Washington Gardener Magazine summer 2015 intern who is studying multiplatform journalism at the University of Maryland. She does some gardening at home in Davidsonville, MD, with her mother and grandparents. 
This is the third in a 5-part series on DIY projects for the home gardener. Look for the next installments in this DIY blog series on the 1st of each month (through December 2015) here at


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