Garden Blogger's Bloom Day: A Cool End to Summer

Common Boneset
Eupatorium perfoliatum
This Garden Blogger's Bloom Day finds me pulling on a sweater and scanning the garden for all those in-transition period blooms. I still have many summer annuals putting on a show (petunia, lantana, etc.) and several shrubs looking very nice (hydrangea, beautyberry, etc.). A few spring-blooming shrubs are putting on a second show for early autumn like the PJM rhododendrons and groundcovr roses, which is nice to see. Pictured here are a just couple of bloomers that are near my back door so they catch my eye whenever I come and go.

What is blooming in your garden this week?


Vin de Terre said…
Various asters and goldenrods, trumpet honeysuckle, crossvine, turtlehead, cosmos, herbs including mint, oregano and summer savory, and an enormous Hibiscus coccineus.
Nice list, Vin de Terre. Sounds like you have a very fragrant and pollinator-filled garden :-)

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