Fenton Friday: Sweet Pepper Promise

I never have had much luck with Sweet Peppers, but I finally was able to harvest this handsome pair this week from my plot at the Fenton  community garden. They are very late in the growing season, as is the one cucumber I have been able to pick so far. We had a late start due to a long, cold winter followed by a long, cool, and wet spring. I just hope that we get paid back with a slow start to fall so the rest of my vegetables can finally mature and be pulled to make room for more cool season edibles.

Right now, I'm finding myself squeezing between plants and trying not to snap off errant tomato plant branches as I weed and plant and harvest around them. It is that time of year when the bounty of summer smashes up against the urgency of beating the deadline of coming frosts. Like all growers from time eternal, we have to hedge our bets and pull things before they may be done in order to accommodate later crops which may or may not do well, if the weather allows. Who needs a casino when you have a garden?

How is your edible plot growing?


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