Video Wednesday: Scenes at the US National Arboretum

Local garden writer and Garden Rant blogger, Susan Harris, put together this video encouraging visitors to come to the US National Arboretum in Washington, DC. "I’ve long had the notion that somehow short, viral-going videos showing the fabulousness of a garden that’s open to the public might increase visitorship – and thereby support for the garden," writes Susan. "And here in the D.C. area the poster child for a fabulous garden that could use some support is the National  Arboretum, which was hit hard by the last sequester (when WAS that?  And what the hell IS a sequester, anyway?).  Since then it’s been open just 4 days a week, and Arboretum-lovers would dearly love to get that situation corrected and back to normal – open seven days as week and FREE, just like most gardens in this city (museums, too!)"


Susan Harris said…
Thanks for helping to spread the word, Kathy. You already do a LOT for DC's public gardens.

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