Fenton Friday: Frozen Foods

The Mid-Atlantic was hot by a late cold snap this week and it is still lingering. The past three nights have hit below freezing (or close to it) temperatures sending many of us gardeners scrambling to cover up newly planting seedlings and all our tender plants. I threw a cover cloth over my Broccoli, but left everything else exposed at the Fenton community garden plot. Most of the rest is below ground, or like the perennial Asparagus and Strawberries are fairly frost-proof.

Between arctic wind blasts, I did manage to plant several rows of cool-season vegetable seeds. Those include:
~ Radish 'French Breakfast' from Botanical Interests
~ Slow-Bolt Cilantro from Renee's Gardens
~ 'Bloomsdale' Spinach from American Meadows
~ Lettuce Garden Blend from a mix given out by the Maryland Master Gardener
~ Sweet Curly Parsley from Renee's Gardens
~ Carrots 'Danvers 126' from Botanical Interests
~ Rocket aka Arugula from Love and Carrots
~ 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnips from Botanical Interests
~ and some unnamed seed potatoes shared by another gardener at the Fenton Community Garden

Given the frosty temps, I will give all of these an extra week to come up and see if any need re-seeding.

So what is growing in your edible plot today?


@advncingtheplot said…
I have Champion and Plum Purple radishes coming up. The squirrels found the peas I planted on St. Patrick's Day, though. I finally got around the buying the red pepper spray to recommended so I will be trying peas again today.

What about beets, is this the time to plant them?
Yes, totally time for beets. I did not list those as, alas, I have never developed the taste for them and would rather devote my plot space to things I personally would consume (even though much gets given away and donated in the end).
Sorry to hear about your peas - squirrels can be real jerks sometimes.
Megan Rynne said…
Love and Carrots arugula?! We like the sound of that! How is your arugula liking all of this rain?
Thanks for stopping by Megan. A few days ago the arugula seedlings were just emerging. I'm afraid will all this flooding rain that they may be washed away, but I have been surprised before at how tenacious they can be. I'll give another update on Friday once we dry out a bit.

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