Fenton Friday: Seeing Red!

I was so excited to arrive at the garden plot on Tuesday to see the strawberry plants covered in ripe fruit. What a change in just a few days! I sat right down and ate a handful -- just heavenly. I have picked a cup of fruit for my breakfast each day since. I found a few berries chewed on with ants on them. Sacrificing a few is alright, but any more than that and I will have to pull out the garden guns.

In the rest of my plot everything is up and growing well, except my okra. No sign of them at all. If they do not surface soon I will plant a new batch from Landreth Seeds.

New this week were some Sweet Potato slips another plot gardener left for communal use. I put them in quickly just so they would not dry out, but I think I will move them to a better location shortly.

The 'Bright Lights' Cosmos mix I had last year has re-seeded all over the back third of the plot and the Basil and Calendula also seeded all about. I thinned out a bit of them and also potted up several of the seedlings of each for the DC Tropics plant swap this Sunday. If they do well, I think I will pot up some more also for the Washington Gardener Magazine plant swap on June 16 at the H Street Farmers Market.

ripe strawberry!
something chewed on a few
beans getting bigger every day
sweet potato slips are in
nasturtium seedlings are up
lettuce is booming - salad anyone?


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