Fenton Friday: Berry Promising

This week in my community garden plot we had some bizarre weather. On Monday night we had the latest spring frost in a hundred+ years. Then 36 hours later it was almost 90 degrees. I was pleased to not have lost anything in the plot to the frost. I have not planted my tomato seedlings yet and threw a plastic shower curtain over them. I hope to plant them early next week when the soil has warmed up.

This week I planted okra and nasturtium. My bean seeds sprouted and all came up. The strawberries are heavy with fruit about to ripen. I have high hopes of actually getting to eat some this year!

My radishes went from cherry-sized to softball-size in a matter of four days. I have been pulling them and giving them away left and right plus eating a few with my dinner each night. The lettuce is all in and I cut a stretch of it to make salads for myself and to share as well.

The carrots are coming along nicely and still no blossoms on my sugarsnap peas -- will try to be patient for both of those.

bean seedlings
strawberries pre-ripening


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