Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: Viola Verve

Viola - Sorbet(tm) series 'Orange Duet'

 It is a dreary Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on the Washington, DC/Silver Spring, MD border here in Zone 7. It is raining and cold. A gray winter so far, but a fairly mild one.

My false "window boxes" I put in several years ago along my neighbor's fenceline are still looking good with these pretty Viola (pictured above). Also in one of the window boxes is a pale yellow snapdragon, which rarely bloomed all last year, and that set one bloom this week!

Also in bloom outside now are Christmas Hellebores, Winter Jasmine, Encore Azaleas, Alyssum, and Primroses. Still holding on to a few roses as well.

Inside I have Peace Lily, Begonias, and a few Violets.

What is blooming in YOUR garden today?


Oh that's a favourite little viola of mine - love those contrasting colours in the petals.

Over here in Scotland it's witchhazels that are blooming.
Thanks for stopping by Rosie! And your Scotland reference made me remember that the Heathers next to my back door are just going into bloom now as well.
Anonymous said…
January thaw is over and the Northern Plains is dormant for two more months! Great to see blooms today!
Thanks, visitor from the Northern Plains. Happy to share, please stop by a visit again soon :-).

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