Broccoli Feast: Post Produce January 2013

I have not been good about doing the Post Produce blog reports on the 22nd of each month about what we are growing and eating from the garden. Today though I have something to report!

I have been "babying" the broccoli plants I bought from Monticello in September. In my community garden plot, they are under reemay fabric cover and surrounded by bricks and water jugs to form a bit of wind protection. This worked for the mild winter we've had thus far. However, a big arctic deep-freeze has swept into the Mid-Atlantic this week so it was time to collect whatever broccoli spots I could.

I checked yesterday and came away with six heads (pictured above) that were at least ping-pong-ball-sized. Not that giant heads I had dreamed of back in September, but still decent eating. Last night, I put them in boiling water until tender (about 5-7 minutes) and boiled some rotini pasta with them. After I drained them, I added pats of butter and generous sprinklings of Parmesan cheese. This for me is the ultimate winter comfort food. Noms!


cityslipper said…
Unbelievable what a difference a three hour drive can make in climate! Coles were marginal at best up our way until this cold snap. Of course, now everything is frozen through. Thanks so much for participating in Post Produce!

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