Summer 2012 Washington Gardener Magazine

Our Summer 2012 Washington Gardener Magazine issue is now out. The cover story is on Tropical Gardens — from hardy exotic plants to native look-a-likes. You can create a cool paradise in your own yard.

You’ll also find in this issue:
• Watermelon Growing Tips
• Canna Plant Profile
• Do Gardens Convey?
• Diagnosing Southern Blight on Sage
• An Interview with City Blossom’s Lola Bloom and Rebecca Lemos
• Deer Deterrent Tips
• A DayTrip to an Historic Treasure: Gunston Hall in Virginia
• How to Simplify in the Garden
• Columbine Leaf Miner
• False Solomon’s Seal
• Before-After of a Plant Collector’s Garden Sale
• And much, much more...

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